Published by inphaset on April 25, 2016

What Is The Best Way To Learn To Code JavaScript?

There are many different programming languages out there, and that’s even before taking a look at any of the specialty languages that are used for very limited, but very important, software. In fact, there are over a dozen languages that are commonly used on major websites online, and JavaScript is one of those languages. Learning JavaScript can open up a wide array of possibilities when it comes to designing images, moving effects, or creating interactive website effects that aren’t going to be possible (or at least not near as easy to create) if you rely on one of the other major programming codes.

What Is JavaScript Used For?

Javascript concept word cloud backgroundJavaScript is a very flexible type of programming that can fill in a lot of needs, but the far majority of the time it is used to create a very unique and specific website effect, or series of website effects, allowing for a truly customized effect when something common simply won’t do.

This can include making effects like glowing letters when a cursor goes over a space, the ability to make a part of a page larger in a “pop up” format while blocking out the rest, or creating a sign-up form to collect an email address. There are so many ways that JavaScript can be used and the main focus of it, in the end, is always to manipulate the basic HTML, PHP, or CSS in some way to create a unique or purposeful effect.

Online Courses

First you might want to test your current skill level by taking JavaScript quiz. That can give you an idea of where you stand and what course (beginner, intermediate, etc.) may be best. Then you’re ready to look for a course. One of the best options is to look at online courses designed by programmers…courses that have the express purpose of teaching you JavaScript via audio and visual cues. There are entire websites devoted to teaching programming through video lessons (both free and paid), including, Udemy, and dozens of others. Investing in one of these lessons gives you access to a visual example of what is going on as the tutor is lecturing, allowing you to absorb the information, better understand what is being said, and pick up the programming language easier as a result.

YouTube Tutorial Videos

If you don’t want to spend any money on online classes, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on learning JavaScript that can act as a good start. The upside to this is that the training is free, and you can often find dozens of videos (or more) from the same mentor so if you find someone whose style you really like you can just keep following up.

The downside is that you won’t find a complete program on YouTube. You will find small lessons, bits and pieces, and maybe good answers to really specific questions, but it’s a tall order starting from scratch.

Good Old Fashioned Programming Book

Say what you will about the “Learn Skill X for Dummies” series of books, but a good illustrated programming book for JavaScript could be the perfect compliment to go with either an online course or some YouTube tutorials. The book can work not only for teaching you JavaScript but large ones can also be used as a reference guide on top of that.

Hands On Coding

Finally, getting a cheap practice URL on a cheap hosting account really is one of the best steps you can take to getting experience working with JavaScript. There is nothing like hands on coding and seeing what is working and what you are royally screwing up to get back on point.

When it comes to learning JavaScript, there are actually several excellent options available. You can use one or combine several, doing whatever it takes in order to go from a beginning novice to a true professional when it comes to coding line after line of JavaScript.